AmeriVet 3D Scanning

As a reliable consultant to government entities through over 200 national engagements, AmeriVet is sensitive to the deliverables required from Contracting Officers in the face of decreased footprints and shrinking budgets. To meet the requirements of planning, control, and acquisition, the AmeriVet Government Services group has developed new facilities review and control systems using state of the art technology.

Our Facilities Services Group can perform a site visit, virtually document the facility, provide you with a current as-built scaled drawing in pdf or CAD, and perform a facilities conditions assessment survey utilizing our checklist based on GSA and ADA/ABAAS requirements. All can be provided to you and your team within one-week at a cost far less than what your team could perform the work.  You can then perform your requirements development on-line in a collaborative conference from data and graphics provided to you.

The applications are endless -  the economies are amazing - the results are extraordinary

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